Vantage Property Investments caters specifically for the needs of three diverse investor profiles:


• syndicate or pooled investment groups

• high net worth local and international investors

• corporate and institutional investors.


Vantage has the ability to match a particular investment opportunity with the most appropriate investor profile.


There are a host of reasons why we will target specific assets for a particular category of investor including capacity to raise finance, anticipated level of returns, initial capital outlay and investor risk profile.


To identify an investment opportunity and then marry investor capital with that opportunity is a real skill — whether it be catering for the specific needs of a syndicate of private investors, a high net worth individual or an institutional investor.







Vantage lives by a simple philosophy — investor returns are paramount. It drives everything that we do.


We make measured conservative decisions based on many relevant factors and our stringent internal investment criteria.


Essentially, this means buying the right type of property, at the right price, improving the value of the asset through careful strategic management and development, then recognising the right time to dispose of that asset.


While diligent adherence to our investment rules guides our decisions, it does not stifle our capacity to display entrepreneurial flare in order to capitalise on a unique opportunity when it arises.








Vantage generates sustainable investment income and capital growth through prudent acquisition, active management of assets and timely disposal.


Our methodology provides investors with a fully integrated platform encompassing feasibility analysis, acquisition, strategic management, refurbishment and eventual sale.


Vantage has a sound governance structure and places rigorous conditions on investment decisions at every point along the way based on our investment principles.


Each property is analysed in detail on its merits including location, age, tenancy profile, average lease expiry, forward looking distributions, likely capital expenditure required and anticipated optimum time to sell.


To deliver superior returns we must identify unique opportunities, manage our assets actively, maintain strong relationships with relevant industry personnel and leverage our depth of experience in innovative property solutions.


Our activity across sales, leasing and property management provides avenues for developing and maintaining ongoing relationships in the property sector. Combined with our creditability with vendors, this provides a continual flow of ‘off market’ opportunities.


This vendor credibility is partly built on the fact that we have never entered into an exclusive due diligence period with a vendor and chosen not to proceed with the transaction.


Our commitment to transact only when strong returns are available is demonstrated by our portfolio of high-quality investment properties that has been built up through a disciplined investment strategy that assesses quality and value.


Significantly, Vantage does not enter into transactions simply to keep its books turning over. This is borne out in the period from June 2002 to March 2010 — a 93-month period where we did not undertake any transactions. This was due to market conditions that did not meet our strict investment criteria and a distinct lack of opportunities that would deliver the type of returns we demand for our investors.


Vantage believes strongly in aligning our interests with those of our investors. Our heavily performance-based fee structure ensures this alignment. Asset acquisition and management fees are kept to a minimum. This same methodology is applied when identifying the right time to sell — our focus on investor returns rather than business growth means assets are disposed of at the optimal time.


Vantage’s active and risk aware investment process has provided investors with outstanding returns through both stable income streams and long-term capital growth for more than 30 years.