Vantage prides itself on taking an innovative approach to asset management in order to drive maximum investor returns.


As part of this commitment we have established three complementary businesses that allow Vantage to control every element of asset management and development. It is a unique model in Melbourne.


These specialised businesses are  Vantage Asset Services, Vantage Fitouts, and Vantage Developments.





Vantage Asset Services focuses on attracting and retaining quality tenants through a proactive approach to building management and strong tenant communication resulting in a complete understanding of tenants’ needs.


With property management integrated in the Vantage business model we not only ensure a first-class level of service but also foster better relationships with our tenants and closer and more regular monitoring of our assets.


This direct relationship results in higher occupancy, tenant satisfaction and retention. In-house property management also reduces operating costs and income downtime, which translates directly to investor returns.







Vantage Fitouts is an interior design and project management company developed specifically to assist new clients with the transition into a Vantage building or to facilitate a change in workspace for existing tenants.


With over 10 years experience in office fit outs we have mastered the art of creating workspaces that reveal the unique culture and personality of a business the moment you walk through the door.


Our internally managed team oversees all aspects of a fitout from design conceptualisation and project management through to construction and post-construction services.


The ultimate goal of Vantage Fitouts is to better service our tenants by making the process of moving into or remaining in a Vantage building as simple as possible.


Our work speaks for itself along with a track record of delivering exceptional service underpinned by quality workmanship. For more information visit Vantage Fitouts.








Vantage Developments was created to meet the needs of investors seeking enhanced property returns in a tightly risk-managed environment.


The business builds on Vantage’s expertise and resources to provide access to opportunities not generally available in the market.


The same disciplined investment strategy that Vantage applies to assess quality and value in investment assets is applied to identify sustainable returns in development opportunities.


The Vantage Developments team is highly skilled in:


  • property acquisition and due diligence
  • feasibility and risk analysis
  • development and project management
  • sales and marketing
  • strategic planning
  • construction supervision
  • tenant handover and settlements
  • financial reporting.