Vantage’s mission is to deliver superior returns to investors through sustainable investment income and strong capital growth.

We start with prudent acquisition of commercial, retail and industrial property assets. Often this involves identifying unique opportunities through ‘off market’ transactions or tapping into our extensive industry networks.


As a boutique funds manager we have the corporate agility to move quickly when an opportunity arises — and this is a key advantage. We make swift measured decisions and we stick to them.


While we are conservative in our overall approach we also have the capacity to be entrepreneurial and realise opportunities or create alternative solutions that others may not have considered.


Vantage actively seeks out ‘value add’ opportunities, emerging locations and opportunities to purchase assets at below replacement cost or where short-term valuation upside is readily achievable.


We only enter into a transaction when strong returns are attainable based on a strict investment criteria. This is demonstrated by our portfolio of high-quality investment properties. It is a portfolio built-up through a disciplined and analytical investment strategy that measures quality and value.


To deliver superior investor returns, Vantage develops innovative solutions for the properties we acquire and ensures our in-house team proactively and effectively manages them.


Our focus on investor returns rather than business growth means that assets that no longer fit our strict investment criteria are disposed of during stronger market conditions.


Having a vertically integrated in-house team enables Vantage to provide a full range of property services including: asset sourcing, due diligence, joint venture structuring, debt management, taxation and accounting, asset management, project management and leasing.


It is a truly end-to-end offering designed to deliver the full platform required to facilitate direct commercial, retail and industrial property ownership for investors.